Ban Jiggle with Sturdy Girl Wiggle

Sturdy Girl bras are perfect for all the boobalicious women in the world (boobalicious women need a small band size and large cup size!).

To wear a Sturdy Girl bra you must perfect the Sturdy Wiggle. Think of it as part of your workout.

The Sturdy Wiggle:

Pull the bra over one breast first and then the other. Or pull partially over both breasts. Another wiggle and tug gets the bra completely over both breasts and settled comfortably onto your rib cage. Reach in and adjust your breasts so they are facing forward and positioned in the center of the encapsulated, molded cups. You are set for a major workout!

The Sturdy Reverse Wiggle:

Reverse the Wiggle! Pull over one breast first and then the other before wiggling it off over your shoulders. Or pull over both breasts partially and then wiggle again to get the bra completely off both breasts before pulling it over your shoulders.

Soon you'll become a Wiggle expert. After the first few workouts your bra will stretch slightly and be easier to put on and take off.