Sturdy Girl Sports

Founder Hilary Heath created Sturdy Girl apparel after producing three fabulous kids left her breasts looking like they’d been through a war… and lost the battle. Post breast augmentation Hilary understood the challenges of large-breasted athletes in a real and personal way.

She launched Sturdy Girl in 2012 after obsessing over every detail for several years and designing especially for the needs of large-breasted athletes (or athletically-inclined anyway).

In 2013 Hilary joined forces with Leanne Hand, who was extremely surprised to develop into size DD after puberty, and obsessed with finding a sports bra to keep everything where it should be. Between the enhanced and the organically grown, these Sturdy Girl partners have big boobs covered. Literally.

Sturdy Girl addresses these needs, including minimizing breast movement in three ways via the patented Sturdy Support System and also providing modesty while wicking away sweat and reducing chaffing.

As a consumer, you are buying a product that is a proud example of American design and international construction. You can feel good about every step in our process because Sturdy Girl is committed to responsible manufacturing – working only with companies that meet worldwide environmental and ethical workplace standards.

People often ask, “Why the name Sturdy Girl?” Hilary loved the idea that running made her sturdy, or able to meet any challenge that comes her way. She named her brand to celebrate this idea.

Sturdy = sassy, supportive, sexy and strong!